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Where Fairness is
at the Heart of
Payment Processing!

At FairPay, we are passionate about fostering a financial ecosystem that prioritizes fairness and transparency in payment transactions. We firmly believe that every business, regardless of its size or background, deserves equitable treatment when it comes to payment processing.

Welcome to FairPay Processing

Our mission is to promote fair payment processing practices, ensuring that all businesses have access to a level playing field. We advocate for transparency, ethical conduct, and equal opportunities, empowering businesses to thrive and succeed in today’s dynamic marketplace.

Fairness and Equity

FairPay advocates for equal treatment in payment processing, ensuring a level playing field for businesses regardless of size or industry, fostering fairness and equity.
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Transparency and Clarity

FairPay emphasizes transparent practices, providing clear information on costs and terms, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and establish trust in payment processing relationships.
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Ethical Conduct

FairPay upholds the highest ethical standards, supporting businesses that prioritize integrity and respect, ensuring trustworthy and professional financial transactions.
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Advocacy and Education

FairPay actively advocates for fair practices, collaborating with experts and policymakers, while offering educational resources to help businesses navigate payment processing complexities and make informed choices.
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Customer Support

FairPay understands the challenges businesses face, providing dedicated customer support, listening to unique needs, and offering personalized assistance to align with their commitment to fairness.
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Payment Process

Setup and Integration

The merchant establishes a merchant account, integrates payment software/API, and configures payment settings for acceptance.

Customer Payment

Customers select products/services, provide payment details, and initiate payment, which undergoes authorization and verification by the payment processor and acquiring bank.

Transaction Processing

Authorized payments are securely transferred from the customer's account to the merchant's account, with fees deducted, resulting in completed transactions and confirmation for both customer and merchant.

FairPay provides outstanding solutions to different types and verticals of industries

FairPay Offers Different Types of Pricing Models

Interchange Plus Pricing

It is a simple way where there breaks down the merchant service charge – the rate paid – into two components. The interchange is the cost from the issuing bank to the card network to you, and the plus, or markup, is the fee for processing the transaction.

Dual Pricing

Dual pricing is a pricing strategy that involves charging one price for customers paying with cash and a different price for customers paying with a credit card. This type of pricing allows business owners to eliminate their credit card processing fees, reduce their overhead costs and increase their cash flow.

Flat Fee Pricing

Flat Fee Pricing

Flat rate pricing is the credit card processing price model that gives merchants a fixed percentage fee and a fixed transaction fee for each transaction.


Send your customer a text where they can easily pay online contactless from anywhere.

Regardless if your customer is on the phone or in your store you can send them a text message with a payment link for them to go online on their desktop, laptop, tablet, and even phone and pay you quickly, easily, and securely. This is also a great contactless solution for you and your customers.
Industries include

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Professional Services

Schools, Colleges


Travel & Hospitality

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